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Who should attend Fireland School of Real Estate?

What type of Real Estate Should I Be Investing In?

Why did you start Fireland School of Real Estate?


What is the difference between the beginners class and the advanced class?
At Fireland School of Real Estate, we want every individual to get the most they can out of the class. Because of that, we seperate the students into a beginners course and an advanced one to make sure you can take and apply the information. The beginners class will learn important real estate material, while the advanced will be much more hands on. Our experienced staff will place you in the correct class, depending on your experience, knowledge, and goals.
What does it cost?
Attending Fireland School of Real Estate has a one time cost of $1,500. This includes the 10 classes, 2 field trips, and mentoring from Ben Walkley. We know that by going through this class you will very quickly see a return from that investment in your real estate decisions and transactions. If you are not able to pay that cost up front, we are very flexible with working out a plan.
How long are the classes?
Each class is around 2 hours in length. However, on class days, Ben Walkley is available through the end of the day. His goal is to be available to you as long as it’s needed to finish a conversation and really understand how to apply a concept to real estate investing.
Where do we meet?

Our main meeting location will be at The Fireland Title in Hudson, Ohio, but we will also meet at different rental properties and locations throughout the semester.You can see the full list of where we will travel on the class outline page.

Am I the right fit for Fireland School of Real Estate?

Here are some traits of the ideal student:

  • Cares about people & families
  • Interested in real estate- investing, buying, & selling.
  • Desire to develop a strong business.
  • Have some capital or access to it to invest in the classes and in real estate.
  • Willing to take risks and try new things.
  • A team player- you need other people and other people need you.
  • Interested in recurring revenue and have an investor mindset.
  • Some sort of business experience- a past job, experience, or education.

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