Class Outline

Throughout the 10-week program, Ben Walkley will cover real estate business basics, the process of buying and selling, the importance of people skills, and understanding the marketplace.

Week by Week Breakdown

week 01

Let’s set
a framework

We will start with an overall vision for this curriculum, walking through the importance of both tactical and relational skills. We will also share our Fireland philosophy for successful real estate investors and agents.

Ben’s House
week 02

Self Awareness

What we want to help you understand yourself better as a business owner and investor. By understanding your strengths and passions, you will be able choose the type of real estate investing that is right for you.

Ben’s Farm
week 03

Business 101

We will walk through the basics of business, including marketing, accounting, management, computer information, finance, and administration. In real estate business you will be wearing all of these hats.

Ben’s Office – Fireland Title
week 04

Understanding People

In order to achieve your real estate goals, you have to understand the people you’re working with- how are they are oriented and what are their goals? This will help as you craft agreements and make decisions.

Ben’s Apartments
week 05

Building Science

It’s important to understand how houses work, how they were built, what building value is, and the construction cost. You can understand how to invest wisely on any property based off the building. (Field trip walking through property)

Ben’s Flipped House
week 06

Market Analysis

We have to understand the market and the importance of having a niche. This session will give you the tools to pick a zone and be known in that area so you can eat, drink, and sleep your zip code.

week 07

The Art of

How can you get to a win-win-win in your real estate deals? The important part is understanding your goals & their goals and how to bring those together. This session will equip you to build strong agreements.

week 08

Contract to

When you firm up a contract, you need to understand what everyone is doing and how it all interfaces. We will walk you through all the details and parts you should know- whats a title surge, tax proration, or a water hold?

Ben’s Office – Fireland Title
week 09


This is the form with all the money details on it, so you will want to know the details. You will learn how to transfer property with the minimum services and up to the maximum services. (Field trip to county- courthouse and sheriff sale.)

Ben’s Office – Fireland Title
Week 10

The Launch

Each member will create and present their plan moving forward. What kind of property are you gong to invest in? What marketing place are you going after? And how do you intend to execute this in the next 6 months?

Ben’s House


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