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Begins Sept. 26

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Here’s what you’ll learn


How to form your real estate business and build a plan


Working knowledge of single family rentals & luxury rentals


Working knowledge of apartment renovation/management & flips/restorations


Working knowledge of the transfer cost / professional fees / closing costs in real estate


Building construction basics and cost to repair


How to analyze the market value of a property


Understanding different types of lenders & financing


How to create win-win real estate scenarios & build solid contracts


How to buy sherif safe / tax sale properties and the rules of those transactions


How to obtain private money

Meet Ben

With over 15 years in the real estate world, Ben Walkley is a successful real estate investor, founder of The Fireland Title Company, and has worked as a real estate agent. He is a true expert in real estate. Ben loves to work creatively and to help make businesses successful. He genuinely wants to help other real estate professionals to do business well- he is passionate about changing the industry into a place that deeply cares for the families they are serving.

At Fireland School of Business, our classes focus on four main areas of real estate.


You will learn the important pieces of running your real estate business, including how to spend money, administrative processes, technology needs, and overall communication.


You will learn every single step of the home buying and selling process including the title company, home inspection, costs involved, and mortgage process. When your client is at ease because of your knowledge, everything is smoother.


Your success in real estate comes down to how you view people. You will learn the importance of business relationships, trust, communication, and overall people skills needed to build a successful career in real estate.


You will learn how experts view and interact with the marketplace, from maximizing home sale profits to finding public and private sale opportunities.

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Mission Statement

Fireland School of Real Estate is a 10 week program that helps you learn how to be a knowledgeable and successful real estate investor. At Fireland School of Business, we want to give real estate investors a holistic view on the real estate marketplace so they know what they are talking about, understand how to build their business, and are well-rounded experts.

We are passionate about deeply investing in those in the real estate profession, not pumping people through a “get rich quick” program. We want every investor and agent to represent the real estate industry well in their knowledge of the process and overall real estate world.

We believe the best learning comes from a mentoring relationship, so we keep our classes small and our teaching targeted.

At Fireland School of Business, we celebrate the success of every honest and hard-working real estate investor, and have built a program to make more thriving real estate professionals. When you work with a car dealer who is the expert on all Ford motors, or a surgeon who has done thousands of procedures, you know the relief you feel because of their expertise. We desire to build real estate professionals who can provide that same confidence and relief to every family they work with.

School of Real Estate

Structure & Pricing

10 sessions including class time and field trips

Classes are held at different investment properties so you’re seeing investment first hand


2018 Dates

Spring semester (May – July)
Fall semester (August – November)


For Real Estate Agents Interested in Investing:
$1500 / Get the tools you need to confidently enter the world of real estate investing.

For Full-Time Real Estate Investors:
$3500 / Build on what you know so that you can thrive as an investor.

Payment options available


“I’ve been buying rental properties for more than 10 years with some success but much more frustration. Through Ben’s recent teaching and mentor-ship, a paradigm shift occurred and I’ve began looking and buying properties through a whole new lens. Ben’s wisdom has literally saved me thousands and will continue to for the life of my rental properties.”


“Bens involvement in my life as a friend and real estate mentor made ALL of the difference in my success. He helped me through the intricacies of working on real estate transactions and building a real estate business. If you have the opportunity to have Ben in your corner, then it’s an absolute no-brainer. I would make that decision ten times over again.”


“Ben is a fantastic teacher and coach. He understands agent’s insecurities and addresses them before they even know what they are. His experience, patience, and process of explaining real estate transactions is extremely valuable to newer agents being able to absorb and digest information without being overloaded.”

Ben, Kelly, & their 6 children

Meet Ben’s Family